Who We Are


TERMSS was incorporated in Sri Lanka as a limited liability business organization with core interests in the equipment supply & service segments pertaining to container handling & transportation, heavy material handling, backup power generation, industrial laundry & manufacture & supply of respective laundry detergents. The organization represents internationally renowned brands in their own areas of specialty with a dominant presence nationwide. With its extremely competent team of sales & technical personnel who are trained locally & overseas; our equipment solutions are assured with an unsurpassed aftermarket support to all our clients which is considered as the key contributory factor for market capitalization & right positioning of the organization. We consider our employees as the most valuable asset & the success of the organization can be attributed to them being well in line with the vision of the organization & contribute to their optimum levels towards achieving excellence in company’s pre-set goals for its continuous growth.


To be the most trusted, recognized & customer centric organization in its core areas of industrial specialties, backed by a world-renowned product portfolio


To introduce cutting-edge & latest technology, coupled with an un-surpassed after sales service to its clients & to be widely recognized as a partner for trusted industrial solutions

Resilience in the face of headwinds

MD's Message

Dear Partners,

On behalf of the management of TERMSS Global Private Limited, I thank each one of our valued stakeholders for placing your reposed trust & confidence on the equipment & services provided by TERMSS since our inception in 2014. As a front end, turn-key heavy equipment solutions provider in Sri Lanka, we always have carried immense value in terms of our dedicated team, loyal customers & principal manufacturers; hence the success of our short journey so far is attributed to their unsurpassed contribution.

Our beginnings were humble; nevertheless, we strongly believed in continuous improvement with the right systems & processes being a part of our business in all aspects. We didn’t merely want to create a fast-tracked business with short & medium-term objectives or do business purely for survival but to create a sustainable model with timely value addition. It was always not the speed but the right direction with ethics what mattered to us most!

The performance-oriented culture which we have inculcated among our employees since our inception has oriented results to its best for the organization & has created ample opportunity for their personal growth. As a result, being persistent & aggressive has always been a part of our business model in seizing opportunities in this ever competitive & subtle business environment.

This site carries absolute proof of the credentials of TERMSS with our inimitable capacity & capabilities in the trade!

Wesak Wijeratne

Managing Director

Being compassionate whilst being passionate

Our Core Values

Relentless focus of our resources to exceed customer expectations.

Providing a safe & a sound working environment to our employees with ample opportunity for career improvement.

Maintaining transparency and integrity in all relationships and transactions.

Teamwork which is the foundation for organizational growth.

Trusted partnerships with principals, internal & external customers.

Honoring strong work ethics & being passionate towards achieving set corporate objectives.